Internal Boilers treatment chemicals 

-Oxygen Scavenger (Hydrazine, DEHA, Carbohydrazide and blending formulations)

-Condensate treatment chemicals, Filming Amines, Neutralizing Amine & (Cyclo Hexyl Amine,Morpholine and specialty blending formulation)

-Anti scale & Anti Corrosion 

-Complete range of Descalers & Acid Corrosion inhibitors(Armoib,Rodine,...)

-Complete range of counter type products to Nalco and GE Betz chemidals

Cooling Water Chemicals

-Antiscale & Anticorrosion 

-Non-oxidizing biocides and slimicides 

-Silt and sludge dispersants


-Oil dispersants

-Complete range of equivalent products to Nalco and GE Betz chemicals


RO Chemicals 

-Antiscalants & Antifoulants (such as Flocon)

-Non Oxidizing Biocides

-Sodium Meta Bisulfite

-Complete range of membrane cleaning chemicals

-SDI Reducers

-Preservative membrane chemicals


Seawater thermal and distillation plants (MED/MSF) : 

-Antiscalants & antifoulants (such as Belgard)

-Anti-foaming agents (such as Belite) 

-Descaling acids (Sulfamic, HCl, Citric)

-Acid pickling corrosion inhibitors (such as Armohib as Rodine)

-Sodium metabisulfite